2nd Edition (Fall 2016, corrected Summer 2017)

A 2nd edition is now avialable. This update brings some reorganization of topics and new examples and exercises. Most significantly, the book now has an interactive online version. To download for offline use, choose your edition:

Every effort was made to limit the number of typos and other errors. If you find any, please email me or submit an issue on GitHub.

There is also a $12 print edition available through Amazon.

PreTeXt and LaTeX Source

The book was authored in PreTeXt (formally Mathbook XML), which allows for compilation to html, LaTeX, and other formats. The full source code is available on GitHub. You can find the repository here: https://github.com/oscarlevin/discrete-book. For convinience, the compiled LaTeX source is also included there for instructors to grab exercises (somewhat) easily.

Previous Editions