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\(\Delta^k\)-constant, Paragraph
additive principle, Section Subsection
adjacent, Paragraph Item
ancestor, Paragraph
antecedent, Subsection
argument, Chapter
arithmetic sequence, Section
biconditional, Item
bijection, Paragraph
binomial coefficients, Subsection
binomial identity, Paragraph
bipartite, Paragraph Item
bit string, Subsection
breadth first search, Paragraph
Brooks' Theorem, Theorem
Canadians, Paragraphs
cardinality, Item Paragraph
Cartesian product, Paragraph Subsection
cases, Subsection
characteristic equation, Paragraph
characteristic roots, Subsection Subsection
child, Paragraph
chromatic index, Paragraph
chromatic number, Item Paragraph
clique, Paragraph
closed formula, Section
for a function, Paragraph
codomain, Paragraph
coloring, Paragraph
combination, Paragraph
complement, Paragraph
complete graph, Paragraph Item
composition, Exercise
conclusion, Subsection Chapter
conditional, Item
congruence, Subsection
conjunction, Item
connected, Paragraph Item
connectives, Paragraph
and, Item
if and only if, Item
implies, Item
not, Item
or, Item
consequent, Subsection
contradiction, Subsection
contrapositive, Item
proof by, Subsection
converse, Item
convex, Paragraph
counterexample, Subsection
cycle, Item
De Morgan's laws, Subsection
deduction rule, Paragraph
degree, Item
degree sum formula, Lemma
depth first search, Paragraph
derangement, Paragraph
descendant, Paragraph
difference, of sets, Paragraph
Diophantine equation, Paragraph
direct proof, Subsection
disjoint, Paragraph
equivalent implication, Subsection
disjunction, Item
divides, Paragraph
divisibility relation, Subsection
Division algorithm, Subsection
Doctor Who, Paragraph
dodecahedron, Subsection
domain, Paragraph
double induction, Exercise
double negation, Subsection
edges, Paragraph
empty set, Item
Euler circuit, Item
Euler path, Item
Euler's formula, Section
existential quantifier, Subsection
faces, Paragraph
factorial, Paragraph
finite differences, Section
forest, Section
Four Color Theorem, Theorem
free variable, Paragraph
function, Paragraph
gcd, Paragraph
geometric sequence, Section
girth, Paragraph
Goldbach conjecture, Paragraph
graph, Item
greatest commond divisor, Paragraph
Hall's Marriage Theorem, Theorem
Hamilton path, Paragraph
handshake lemma, Lemma
Hanoi, Investigate!
hypothesis, Subsection
icosahedron, Subsection
if and only if, Item
if…, then…, Item
implication, Item
equivalent disjuction, Subsection
inclusive or, Paragraph
induced subgraph, Section
induction, Paragraph Subsection
strong, Subsection
double, Exercise
inductive hypothesis, Item
injection, Paragraph
integers, Item Item
intersection, Item Paragraph
isomorphic, Paragraph Section
isomorphism, Section
isomorphism class, Paragraph
iteration, Paragraph
k-permutation, Section
Königsberg, Paragraph
lattice path, Paragraph
law of logic, Example
logical equivalence, Subsection
logically valid. See law of logic
magic chocolate bunnies, Exercise
matching, Paragraph
matching condition, Section
mod, Paragraph
modular arithmetic, Subsection
modulo \(n\), Subsection
modus ponens, Paragraph
monochromatic, Paragraphs
multigraph, Paragraph Item
multiplicative principle, Section Subsection
natural numbers, Item
necessary condition, Subsection
negation, Item
neighbors, Paragraph
NP-complete, Paragraph
octahedron, Subsection
one-to-one, Paragraph
onto, Paragraph
parent, Paragraph
partial sums, Paragraph
Pascal's triangle, Subsection
path, Item
perfect graph, Paragraph
permutation, Section
Petersen graph, Exercise
PIE, Paragraph
pigeonhole principle, Example
planar, Item Paragraph
Platonic solid, Investigate!
polyhedron, Paragraph
polynomial fitting, Section
power set, Item Paragraph
powers of 2, Section
predicate, Paragraph
premises, Chapter
prime numbers, Example Theorem
principle of inclusion/exclusion, Paragraph
product notation, Paragraphs
proof by cases, Subsection
proof by contradiction, Subsection
proof by contrapositive, Subsection
proposition, Paragraph
quantifiers, Subsection
exists, Subsection
for all, Subsection
Ramsey theory, Paragraphs
range, Paragraph
rationals, Item
reals, Item
recurrence relation, Section
recursive definition, Section
recursively defined functions, Subsection
reference, self. See self reference
root, Paragraph
breadth first, Paragraph
depth first, Paragraph
self reference. See reference, self
sequence, Paragraph
set, Paragraph
set difference, Paragraph
sibling, Paragraph
Sigma notation, Paragraphs
square numbers, Section
stars and bars, Section
statement, Paragraph
strong induction, Subsection
subgraph, Section Item
induced, Section
subset, Paragraph
sufficient condition, Subsection
summation notation, Paragraphs
surjection, Paragraph
tautology, Paragraph
telescoping, Paragraph
tetrahedron, Subsection
Tower of Hanoi, Paragraph
tree, Item Section
triangular numbers, Section Paragraph
truth table, Subsection
truth value, Paragraph
union, Item Paragraph
universal quantifier, Subsection
valid, Chapter
Venn diagram, Paragraph Paragraph
vertex coloring, Item Paragraph
vertices, Paragraph
Vizing's Theorem, Theorem
walk, Item
weight, of a string, Item
word, Example